The Sister Hood of Night

The Sister Hood of Night

Movie Review



Georgie Henley Known for her roles in The Chronicles of Narnia series and Perfect Sisters

Olivia DeJonge Known for her roles in The Visit, Good Pretender, and Polarised


Directed by: Caryn Waechter


Produced by: Lydia Dean Pilcher and Elizabeth Cuthrell


This movie was based on the Salem Witch Trials back in 1680. The main characters are based on Abigail Williams, Samuel Parris, Thomas Danforth, Betty Paris, Mary Warren, and Elizabeth Proctor of the Salem Witch Trials. This is a typical movie about bullying where a girl who is being singled out take revenge on these girl because they don’t include her, but the entire time she is telling lies to make them look bad and also in the mist of everything the pick on the weakest link who end up doing something drastic. This movie by far shows people that bullying people for your own enjoyment has terrible consequences. The fact that these teenage girls had to go through such traumatizing things is crazy! The fact that they had problems in their own lives separate from school, then a girl who is lying about them, because she feels left out. I recommend this movie to everyone especially young girls in high school.


Rate 10/10