Prayers 4 Las Vegas

On the day of October 1, 2017 a man by the name of Stephen Paddock Killed 58 People and injured 489. I know people may disagree, but I believe he was mentally ill because who thinks “hey I’m going to murder a bunch of people at a country concert just because. There has been plenty of people posting oh it were a set-up, which could be true, but I say prayers for the lost family members and those who have lost their lives. I can’t imagine what is going through the families of the victims and even the family of shooter. I feel that no amount of words can make up what has happened to those people. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends, aunts, uncles, cousins, and etc were murdered that day and didn’t even have a chance. Mass Shootings are done 63 % white males. Which I’m not making this a race issue but, the way the media portrays white crimes to black crimes are ridicules. They said this man had a mental illness, but HOW DO THEY KNOW? I bet if he were in visible site they wouldn’t have shot him down them they do innocent black people. That is a different issue which will be also talked about. They have videos of his girlfriend stating negative comments about America and how we should be shot up and all this other jazz, but I’m thinking wasn’t Stephen American? I don’t know something just doesn’t add up here and all the comments and post are making me think that maybe the government was behind everything. I don’t know what do you all think?

Oct. 8, 2017