Review of The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth


Katherine Heigl (known for her roles in my father the hero, bride of chucky, 27 dresses, and unforgettable)

Gerard Butler (known for his roles in Dracula 2000, P.S. I Love You and Law Abiding Citizen)

Eric Winter (known for his roles in MTVs Undressed, The Mentalist, and Witches of East End)

Nick Searcy (known for his roles in The Last Song, Fried Green Tomatoes, and Moneyball)


Directed by:

Robert Luketic


Produced by:

Karen McCullah Lutz

Tom Rosenberg

Gary Lucchesi


This movie is silly. It is a typically men are from Mars women are from Venus movie. This is the first movie I’ve never seen Gerard Butler be funny in a movie, but he is very good looking. This movie is mostly comedy and romance so it is no brainer haha a major chick flick.


Rate 8/10