Book review of Big Driver

Big Driver

By Stephen King


I came across this book by Stephen King. I heard about this due to being sexually assaulted too, but not like her. This book is very detailed and gory I mean to the point it feels like you are in her shoes and experiencing what she is going through. I love how she copes with her being in that situation. The character Tess is a very strong woman in my opinion I mean to go what she went through and to come out a boss is amazing especially since I would’ve never expected that out of her. Ramona is a monster and she deserved what she got in my opinion, sounds terrible to think such negative things, but she is a terrible person for doing that to those women.  Her sons are even worse than monsters they are devils. I despise rapist and they definitely got what they deserved. This movie isn’t as bad as the movie “I spit on your grave”, but it is close to it. As a rape survivor I recommend this movie only if you can tolerate watching what she went through, because it is pretty detailed.


Rate 10/10