Movie Review of The Quiet


Camilla Belle (known for her roles in Practice Magic, When a Stranger calls, and Disney’s Rip Girls)

Elisha Cuthbert (Known for her roles in Old School, The girl next door, House of wax and Captivity)

Martin Donovan (known for her roles in Insomnia, Agent Cody Banks, and Saved)


Directed by: Jamie Babbit


Produced by: Carolyn Pfeiffer, Joel Michaely, Holly Wiersma, Andrea Sperling


This movie is one of my favorites. It is quiet odd and may upset most. The storyline is twisted and makes you think what I just watch. The father, daughter relationship in this movie is just plain creepy I mean the way he acts towards his daughter is just odd. As Dot narrates the movie it makes you think and wonder how she become deaf and is she really deaf? Around 20 mins into the movie you see what is actually happening. It kind of starts off slow, but you will quickly notice what is going on. I honestly am not a fan of the father in this movie, but it seems like he is a concerned, loving father. Also, I love the random facts about Beethoven.