Review of The Heartbreak Kid


Ben Stiller (Known for his roles in Heavyweights, The cable guy, There’s something about Mary, Meet the parents 1&2, Zoolander 1&2, Duplex, and along came Polly)

Michelle Monaghan (Known for her roles in Due Date, Unfaithful, and The Bourne Supremacy)

Malin Akerman (Known for her roles in The Skulls, 27 Dresses, Watchman, and The Final Girls)


Directed by: Peter and Bobby Farrelly

Produced by: Ted Field and Bradley Thomas


This movie is hilarious the acting in this movie kills me. Ben Stiller always cracks me up in like all of his movies. Malin is SO funny I cannot believe one person can act and be that annoying haha. This movie is just your basic comedy movie. There are weird parts that would make you think WHAT IN THE WORLD. Also, there is nudity and sex in this movie sooooo mature adults only haha. I would recommend this movie if you have a sense of humor.


Rate 6/10