Return To Sender


Rosamund Pike (Known for her role in Gone Girl)

Shiloh Fernandez (Known for his role in the remake of Evil Dead)

Camryn Manheim (Known for her role in Ghost Whisperer)

Nick Nolte (Known for his role in Cape Fear)


Directed By: Fouad Mikati

Produced By: Candice Abela

                     Holly Wiersma


The role that Rosamund Pike plays is superb. Her acting is one of the best by far. This movie really hits home for me because of what happens to her in this movie. As someone who has been in the same situation I have to say her actions behind it are accurate. I wouldn’t say she has OCD, but I would say she is a perfectionist and very smart woman. Her actions after what happened to her I wouldn’t say every victims should do, but I would say it is powerful actions. I would never expect Shiloh to play this role, but he also did a very amazing job. Although, he was a bit scary in this film and not how you would imagine the word scary is defined. The ending is what shocked me the most it is something you wouldn’t guess would happen, because of how the movie is up until that point. I recommend this move to someone who like movies that make them think.


Rate 10/10