Brooklyn is a 25-year-old single female. She has a messed up life and tried online dating to look for love, but ended up getting hurt in the worse way. Throughout the years of her life, she learns to change her mood from sadness to happiness and finding God along the way.

A Girl Like me (Plot)

A Girl Like Me
Written By: Brook Wright

“Brooklyn, you need to start dating again. It’s been 3 years." Marisha stated while going through the bachelors on the dating site.

“I honestly want to take a break, the last relationship the guy was a headache,” I stated while flipping through the TV stations.

Brooklyn has always been so gullible. She is one that her friends might describe as generous, sweet, loving, and respectful. She has shoulder length brown hair, glasses, and right side lip piercing. She’s petite with brown skin and top heavy. Her older cousin always makes fun of her and says she’s every white man dream because of her being top heavy. Her roommate Marisha is the opposite she has pale white skin and her hair is in the middle of her back. She also wears dark rimmed glasses.

“What about this guy?” She squealed with a big smile.
“Um. How about no? That was a rhetorical question by the way.” I glared.

As I scrolled through the options, but one caught my eye. He is name is Ames Harp. He is a 29-year-old single father of two. I thought he was handsome. Tanned skin, short light brown hair, and thin.

“What about this guy?” I asked.
“He isn’t attractive to me, but if he catches your eyes then alright,” Marisha replied.

Little did I know my whole entire world is about to be turned upside down. I never thought my life would go from chill to a total nightmare that I would never get rid of.

Let me take this back to when I got out of my 5-year relationship with an amazing man that I felt I wasn’t good enough for. I was homeless and working in a retail store and failing hard at college. While on my journey of homelessness I attended Job Corp and met some amazing people including my roommate Marisha.

“So, have you two decided on what you were going to do for the date?” asked Marisha.
“I don’t know yet we are just texting right now getting to know each other” I replied.
“Hmm… he hasn’t tried calling yet to make sure you’re actually a woman?” she asked while flipping through her notebook.
“Nope, he says he hates talking on the phone, but he did tell me more about him. He lives with his younger brother and older sister, has two boys and apparently, he has a crazy ex-wife. Whom he says keeps him from his children, which is pathetic” I answered.
“Brooklyn, don’t be so gullible, he could be a crazy man”, she stated with a chuckle.