Prayers For Orlando

On June 12, 2016 a terrible thing happened in the U.S. just like every mass shootings. In Orlando Fl a man shot up a gay club called Pulse. The hurt I feel for the victims and their families is just sorrow I’m lost for words. Why do people do things to harm others? I mean if you don’t like someone’s lifestyle then be civil, but you don’t have to be friends or live together. Honestly, no one knows why he did what he did.

Recently, I spoke with someone who had very disagreements with the gay lifestyle and I just don’t understand why. I mean if it isn’t affecting your life personally I don’t see why you have an issue. Those who have said children being raised by gays will get the wrong impression and turn out to be gay and think it is okay. Well first of all it is okay to be gay and love who you want. Secondly, that is totally false I know a guy who was raised by two gay men who loved women and to this day dates women and even has children. I just don’t understand why people meddle in others love lives.

My heart goes out to the LGBTQ community it seriously does. I have tons of gay friends and I’ve had some murdered and some commit suicide. I had a bestfriend in high school when I was in 11 grade he was a freshman. He would talk to me everyday at school and give me hugs. He got bullied everyday just like I did. I guess he couldn’t take anymore and I remember that day we were joking around laughing and he went home and hung himself in his closet. It hurt my soul knowing that I didn’t do anything to stop the bullying that I was just as scared as he was going to school everyday.


I Love The LGBTQ Community. I always have and I always will. ❤