Suicide should never be the answer

When I was in high school I was bullied. I was called big head and stinky, names you couldn’t even imagine being called. I would go home every night crying and one day I got on my computer and wrote so many suicide notes. I tried to end my life multiple times. Recently, I started attending church and being around positive people. I believe God wants me to continue living my life and to help people and show people the way and to his way of living.

Here are the reasons ending your life isn’t a good choice:

  • Because you have an amazing life ahead of you. There is so much more to life than what you choose to make it. Anyone including you can achieve amazing things. If you want to travel the world then do it nothing or no one can stop you only you can stop you from doing things you want.
  • Because people love you. You may not think the positive people in your life care about you, but they do indeed. If your parents (in some cases) are hard for you such as making good grades, keeping you room clean, or doing chores it isn’t too upset you, but it is to teach you that when you grown up and get your own place and find someone who you are with forever that you have to take care of yourself and your partner.
  • Because you’re an amazing person. Having faith and believing in yourself is an amazing thing. Every morning you should have a poster board with positive things that you love about yourself and you should look in the mirror and say “I am beautiful”. You don’t need anyone to tell you those things tell them to yourself, but it is good to have others say that about you so surround yourself around positive people.
  • Go to church. I must say once you find the right church you feel loved there. Yes, there are some churches that have negative people there, but don’t surround yourself around them not all churchgoers are mean. I had to find that out myself. In church, you may find your best friend, your partner, and amazing people who like yourself love the Lord.

With all this being said having faith and loving yourself is worth more than ending your life and not going on to do amazing things in your life.