Are women equal?

Women didn’t become equal until 1972, but are we really equal? I recently viewed a video on Facebook that involved little girls who used the word (excuse my french) b*itch, but people mostly women were upset by the fact that little girls were using the word bitch instead of being upset about being mistreated. They mentioned a few topics that I wanted to touch basis on in this article, but these are strictly my opinions feel free to voice your opinions if you disagree or agree.. 

Pay inequality

Women don’t realize that if you view your paycheck and view the paycheck of a male or your spouse and you do the exact same job at the exact same place you are getting paid less than a man even if you have more experience and a degree. Women with children of course get more taxes taken out from their checks because at the end of the year when they file taxes they get more back because of them claiming their children, but what about women who are single with no children?


Secondly, the subject of sexual assault. When a woman is raped her accuser gets little or no time for their actions basically no justice for the victims. For example the rapist who raped an unconscious woman, but because the news and his peers viewed him as a “star athlete” the judge felt sympathy for him and gave him 6 months, but because of good behavior he only served 3. From what I read nothing too serious happened to him like being on the sexual predators list, losing his school scholarship, or just anything or what he has done. 

            Body Image

In Today’s society young women and girls are told to look thin, have a big butt, big breast, and to have long hair because “men don’t like short hair”. All of those things were said by men like Donald Trump he claims women who are flat chested are not real women. Those kind of messages people are sending are reasons why women have eating disorders, plastic surgery, or even choose to end their lives.

I ask again, women are we really equal to men?