Learning about god

Recently, I had bible study with church friends. I expressed that I was trying to get people to attend church to learn about god. One of the bible study mentioned to me first teach them about who god is and then get them to church. She helped me with learning how to speak to people about god and who he is. So I decided to write down who God is to me.

My Savior. I believe that he saved me from my past from being in a dark place. I didn’t love myself, care about what happened to me, or care if I hurt others along the way. One day after my Sexual Assault I heard God tell me everything is going to be okay that I will be better and no longer suffer.


The Light. I have been through nothing but darkness my entire life. I’ve had bad relationships or non existence relationships with my family members. Bad relationships with the dating life. Being closer to the lord has changed that I no longer let my mothers tough love hurt my feelings or family member jokes hurt me. I realize they don’t hurt me anymore I am who I am and I have changed for the better which I plan on staying a god loving person.

Jesus came down sent by god

Died for our sins

Rose from the dead

Became king

Jesus is Amazing! ❤