10 things I’m letting go of in my life

Recently, I came across a post on Facebook that said 10 things I’m letting go of in my life so I decided to write a blog about it.

On this day 8-24-17 I’ve decided to let go of these 10 things in my life.

1. Let go of toxic people

2. Let go of regretting past mistakes

3 Let go of the need to be right

4 Let go of feeling sorry for yourself

5 Let go of negative talk

6 Let go of the need to impress others

7 Let go of limiting beliefs

8 Let go of the need to please everyone

9 Let go of gossip and complaining

10 Let go of worrying about the future


1. I have been influenced, pressured, and persuaded by toxic people most of my life. I’ve given chances to those people only to end up hurt and sad. Ever since I let go of those people and opened my heart and mind to positive, motivated, and strong-willed people I’ve had my life on track, slowly. When I let those people go I started to see what’s been missing in my life and it was God. On May 22, 2016 I gave my life to him and I am so happy I made that choice.

2. The past is the past I don’t need to dwell on it. I have been lingering on the fact that I was bullied, raped, and abused. I was not getting away from people who didn’t mind bringing any of that up and threw it in my face every chance they got. The day I decided to give my life to Jesus was the day I threw that out the door and put it in Jesus’s hands. I am still emotionally torn from those things, but like my mother always said it takes time.

3. I am the most stubborn person ever. ASK ANYONE. HAHA even if I’m wrong and people prove to me the facts (in some cases not all) I still believe I’m right. I have been trying to admit to myself that sometimes I’m wrong. I have been slowly taking the blame for when I’m wrong.

4. When I was raped, bullied, and abused I always felt sorry for myself. I would say to myself maybe if I didn’t meet guys online and then go back to their house then maybe I would’ve never been raped. I would also say maybe if I bullied others then maybe I would’ve never been bullied. Also, I would say maybe just maybe if I never let my ex back into my life then I would’ve never been in a physical altercation with him and end up thinking about suicide. I promise you that if I didn’t have god in my life I probably would’ve taken my own, but he is in me I feel that he isn’t ready for me that he wants me to be happy and to hep others know him and who he is.

5. Letting go of negative talk is a challenge. It is really, really tough. I have been around negative people a lot people I work with, walk pass, or even people in stores. The challenge is trying to ignore this, but when I ignore it I feel like I’m being mean and distant. Does that really matter? No the answer is no it doesn’t.

6. I have never been the one to try to impress people. I just want to be friends with people so I’m just nice and friendly. I have no words for this, but If I ever do this I’m letting it go today!

7. I use to limit my beliefs, but not anymore.

8. The only person I really wanted to please was my mother. I wanted her to treat me like she treats my brother. I feel like I have gotten mistreated by her my whole life and one day I had enough and I talked to her. That was the best mother daughter talk and I regret nothing.

9. In a world fulling of people who gossip and complain on a day-to-day basis it is hard not to do it yourself. That’s why today when I was surrounded by people who gossip and complain about each other I ignore them. I have had enough negative talk and people who are just sad and need Jesus. I feel that if people including me had Jesus in their lives more they would do less of it.

10. I do this everyday! I honestly am soooooooooo upset that I’m not writer yet. I feel like my Bachelors in English and Minor in Screenwriting isn’t coming fast enough. I feel like if I don’t rush to get it then I’ll be useless and that I would keep the guy that I’m in love with in my life because I’m a failure. I know it is negative talk and I shouldn’t think that way.