Day 2~ 20 Facts about you

  1. I LOVE sushi
  2. I really love cranberry juice
  3. I am a baseball fan
  4. I love rock, blues, jazz, and R&B
  5. I love my hair short
  6. I am very girlie girl
  7. I am a child of god
  8. I really lve writing and reading
  9. Art is my weakness most forms of art
  10. I LOVE scary movies
  11. I speak and reach out to rape victims
  12. I am addicted to shoes and purses
  13. I have a weakness for animals
  14. I enjoy my alone time (reading and writing)
  15. I have respect for those who respects me
  16. My favorite writer is V.C Andrews
  17. My career dream goal is to be a travel writer
  18. I love photography
  19. I can't swim, but I'm going to learn how
  20. My favorite sweet candies are M&Ms And Skittles