My intake on 13 reasons why

I've watched the tv show 13 reasons why and even readon the book.People online have been bashing it and saying it glamorizes suicide, doesn't discuss depression/ mental illness, it graphically shows their rapes and suicide. As someone who has been the victim who is now a survivor or rape I can assure you they showed their rapes as made for tv as possible. When I was sexually assaulted my head was banged up against the wall several times because I was trying to fight him off. I was also anal raped which hurt really bad and I even Bleed. Rape is not meant to look pretty for TV, so in my opinion they did a fantastic job showing how graphic rape actually is.


Honestly, after I was Raped it changed who I was as a person. Made me scared, paranoid, and anti- social. It is like your soul gives up on you because you feel like it was your fault. Just like every rape victim/survivor I got questions like, why didn't you tell the cops, why didn't you fight them off, why did you even go to their house, how were you dressed, where did you meet him?


-Why didn't I tell the cops? Because I was afraid I would ge blamed and I felt guilty like it was my fault for even going to his house in the first place. Also, I've seen a lot of rape TV Shows and most don't even get any justice.

-Why didn't I fight him off? First of all most rape victim don't just sit there and take it most TRY to fight them off , but even if you know self defense you could still be harmed. For example I tried to make it hard for him to rape me but he overpowered me and slammed my head against the wall.

-Why did you go to his house? because I didn't think he was a rapist and I did have sex with him before, but it does not make it okay if they person is saying no to sex with them a second time. No means No ALWAYS.

- How were you dressed and where did you meet him all fall under the same response NO MEANS NO!


In my opinion this show does in fact educate those n mental illness/ depression reason being is because she cried, reached out, and was considering suicide. She felt like she was alone and didn't have anyone at all including her counselor. Mental Illness is shown through action and sometimes words in this case it was through her actions, she was isolated from her peers which can mess with peoples minds at times.


If you're ever feeling alone and need help feel free to message me <3