Silk & Cotton and Yoga with Love Business owner Christiane Love

Silk & Cotton is the creative outlet of Christiane Love an intuitive, yogi, and textile artist. Christiane Love graduated with honors from Murray State University with a BFA degree in textiles. Ms. Love batiks silk and cotton utilizing the power of sacred geometry, ancient symbols and  yoga imagery to decorate her hand painted kimonos, fabric covered button jewelry, unique island wear and artistic yoga pants. In the Vortex clothing uplifts the wearer infusing them with the love and joy felt by Ms. Love during her creative process. Silk & Cotton began in 2015 on the island of Kauai, Hawaii where Christiane Love lives life to the fullest with her three sons. She is a designer in the upcoming Kauai Fashion Weekend fashion show as well as a vendor. Details can be found on! Silk & Cotton as well as Yoga with Love are her two business that supports her and her three children. She'd like to focus on Silk & Cotton as publicity for the upcoming show. Her business has been up and running officially since 2015.  She plans on expanding her production and hiring 5 to 8 employees to increase her inventory. This will create new jobs for Kekaha residents and make Silk & Cotton clothing and accessories more accessible to a larger consumer base.