Chinee Henry Up Coming Writer

Ms. Chinee Henry is a 27 years old, born, raised, and currently still living in Chester, Pennsylvania, a small city less than a thirty minute drive from Philadelphia. She is also the very proud mother of a two year old daughter, Chaia.
Currently she is working on two major projects. The first of which is an anthology triptych entitled "Beautiful Nightmares." It's a collection of three individual stories that are genre mash-ups of fantasy, romance, and thriller that each chronicle a love story between a man and a young woman of supernatural, magical, or generally otherworldly origins and circumstances. The other is a space-fantasy-adventure called "Elemsaga", an epic tale of an alien man, a human woman, and the mysterious yet powerful cosmic entity they find themselves magically bound to named Elem, navigating through a galaxy being torn apart by two warring cosmic god-like spirits.
At this time she is not making a living from writing. She's an office worker by day, but she does have plans to try to make some money on the side from writing. Such as selling a few short stories of hers to some magazines and publishers once finished and she's  also looked into maybe trying some commission work where she can have people submit ideas and info to her for a short story and she'll write a personalized story for them for a reasonable price.
Writers who inspire her are; JRR Tolkien, George RR Martin, CS Lewis, Niel Gaiman, and JK Rowling inspire her  extensive world building as a fantasy writer. She's a huge stickler for really fleshing out the worlds I come up with in my head and their works help me with that. Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe, and HP Lovecraft (even though he was an unapologetic racist) inspire me to go dark and heavy on the themes that she would  often weave into her narratives. They also make her feel as though creepy and scary can have a magical feel too. Walter Mosley, Maurice Broaddus, and Nnedi Okorafor (my favorite author by the way) are the writers who taught her that not only were there stories in fantasy, sci-fi, and mystery that starred black people, but that there are black people behind the pen inking their stories to paper and getting published for it. This means a lot to her because growing up she loved mystery, horror, fantasy, and sci-fi stories, but she got tired of trying to imagine herself as white boys and white girls in order to feel apart of the stories. Even when there were stories about black people, she often became disappointed that the authors turned out to be white. So as a black woman writing speculative fiction, it's refreshing to know that she's nowhere near alone in my love of this genre and wanting her voice to be apart of it.
She's been writing since she was 10. She was a huge bibliophile at a young age and still carry my love of reading to this very day. Reading stories made her want to write her own, so the more she read, the more she wrote her own stories. It's a method that she still actively use to this day.
Her future goals with writing is that Ishe admittedly want the whole successful author treatment. She wants to write and inspire the next great American adapted franchise. She want to be the black female representation to contrast all of the white men who seem to have been dominating the speculative genres. Telling fantastical, scary, and thrilling stories should never have such a one note representation and voice. Her goal with her writing is to effectively change the landscape and bringing it into the mainstream.