I feel lost inside of myself

What can I say? Depression takes over your life. It is like you can't do anything ever. I have been depressed for 16 years. I have tried to kill myself numerous times. It is a mental illness and it stops you from interacting with society. When I have been in past relationships I was not intrested in doing things, because I felt like people were going to talk about me and hate me just for being me. That's how I felt everyday all day. I can remember when it first kicked in it was in high school people would make fun of me and call me all kind of names stinky, ugly, big head, and other harmful names. I realized they were jealous they always have been and always will be.
I tried to kill myself because of the way others made me feel, but I am slowly moving on to learning to love myself. I have been seeing a doctor about my depression, but I just want this to go away. People have always said meds don't work and they aren't good for you, but things work differently for others and my meds have helped me a lot. Others have told me to try teas and smoking.. I'm sorry, but I do not smoke anything and I will not. Also, tea is okay, but it doesn't help much.
For those of you who do not know what depression is it is A brain disorder characterized by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment in daily life. And that is exactly what happens. You don't have the desire to go anywhere or do anything and it just feels like life gave up on you like your friends hate you and like you are all alone, but trust me you are not alone you are never alone. I found out ways to cope with mine like getting a dog.. I'm tell you getting my dog and having her here with me all the time has stopped me from harming myself, because I think who will take care of her if I were to end my life?
I wish depression never existed.