Talented Photographer Nolan Bjorn

Mr. Nolan Bjorn is a photographer who admires the world around him. His passion comes from the automotive world and the details that designers put into cars, trucks, planes and various other vehicles. He also like to capture emotions at social events in my area as well. Photography for him is a paying hobby. His day job is using my hands as a carpenter to build wonderful structures. He like to take his creative passion and convey that in the subject in front of his camera. He has plenty of photogrpahers he is inspired by, but says the community in the Louisville Photographic Society is full of people who help drive each other in such positive ways. The creative push and support has driven him to focus on shooting what he loves and sharing it with the world. Nolan has been taking pictures since he was in middle school. It started with a disposable camera, to a point and shoot camera after high school and then getting his first DSLR ( digital single-lens reflex camera )about 6 years ago. He wants to keep growing his brand. His short term goal is to complete a gallery show within the year. He also continues to attend as many local and regional shows as possible. People come up to him and tell him they love the photos he takes and he wants to continue sharing his vision with all of those around him.