Amazing Chef Ms. Lyan Guillen Peña

Ms. Lyan Guillen Peña is a 23 year old Chef from Dominican Republic which is a Caribbean Island. She is Happily Married and loving her career in the Culinary Arts. One of the chefs that inspires her is Chef Gordon Ramsay, since he is the most well known chef around the world more than others that even posses more Michelin stars than him. She has been a chef for 3 year and loves it. Her future goals are to own her own business that is something different and new that hasn't been known yet so she could feel she has left her print in the world or having at least one Michelin star.

A few of her favorite foods to make are 

Asian food *.*
Japanese curry, sushi, okonomiyaki
Korean food as well

That's a Korean plate its name is Jjajangmyun its a black bean paste with udon noodle
It has radish, potato, zucchini and onion
And on top has thinly julienne cucumber

Those are California sushi rolls
With Philadelphia cream cheese, smoked salmon, avocado , carrot and cucumber

Those are BBQ chicken wings with fries and ketchup with a garnish of green onions

Its a classic bacon cheese with the 3/4 cooked term burger with a fried egg on top, has lettuce, tomato, red onion, sweet baby pickles, fries, and ketchup sauce.