Upcoming Musician Ian Underhill

Ian Underhill is a solo musician out of Jeffersonville, IN to him music is just about everything. It is what he loves to do on his own free time. He plays electric guitars, but a different and pretty unpopular type of electric guitar. His instrument of choice is the 8 string guitars. Just about a year ago they opened up a whole new world for him and the way he now writes music. There is something about the low-end extended range an 8 string guitar has that he just can't steer away from. For the past 6 to 8 months he has been writing and pre-producing his debut solo album for his solo project "IAN". The album itself consists of 5 full-length tracks. The album will be available for purchase on all major retailers. Such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and Google Play! Release date is July 2nd, 2017. Keep an eye out! He has sold a few Hip-hop loops and, mix and mastered a few songs for friends just for fun and practice, but as far as making a living with writing and recording music, that is his life goal. His Dad is also a guitar player so he will always be an influence to him. All of the artwork for the album is being created by Daniel Wagner, Owner of D-Dub Designs. Daniel has created artwork and the logos for a couple of my main influences such as Intervals, and Wide Eyes. You can check some of Daniels work out on the D-Dub website and their Facebook page. Some of my other influences are Animals As Leaders, Plini, and David Maxim Micic. If you haven't heard of any of these artist; do not hesitate to learn! You can also expect to hear just how much these artist inspire him to do what he loves throughout the album.
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Around the age of 10 years old, his Dad bought him a drum set, but it didn't take long to find his love for an electric guitar. About a year later he got my first electric guitar, it was a $100 dollar Washburn and he played that guitar until it fell apart. Within another year he was playing a lot of Trash Metal he grew up listening to.In the future he plans on making a living from music he writes. He would also like to independently produce, mix, and master all of his  future material as well as help artists get quality recording all around the world. Keeping a good relationship with Daniel and D-Dub Designs is a high priority. Lastly, getting the funds up to bring his music along with the style of music itself to people in a live environment. Music is the world's only universal language and he will do whatever he can to spread it!