Matt Goodlett Freelance Makeup Artist

Matt Goodlett is a freelance makeup artist living in Louisville, KY. I do anything from bridal, avant-garde, editorial beauty, special effects, body paint, etc. He will be working with film maker Antonio Pantoja on his first feature “One Must Fall” . It’s going to be an 80’s style slasher film which will lend itself to a lot of special effects he's sure. He is also the makeup and special effects manager for the Devil’s Attic haunted house. They are only open for a month and a half out of the year , but they are constantly trying to improve and change things to keep things interesting not only for their customers but themselves. Locally he is inspired by Bethany Hood and Isidro Valencia. They are both very different but amazing artists, and they have become friends over the years. Then there are artists like Nix Herrera whom he has had the chance to work with when demoing for European Body Art this past spring. He was super intimidated, but Nix was great and so gracious. Tyler Green is another guy He looks up to. He is amazing and a hell of a nice guy. They haven’t met yet, but they chat a lot. Lorcan Devaney was an early inspiration for him especially with his more editorial stuff. He does a lot of abstract work and it’s all amazing. As for the future being an make up artist he just always want to learn and grow and try new things that he hasn't done before.