Talented Singer Ms. Andrea Tyler

Ms. Andrea Tyler is a 32- year- old singer who grew up in a family full of musical and creative people. She has an older sister and her parents are still happily married. In her early years she had severe stage fright with performing, but at the age of 14 she had her first solo and decided  that no matter how scary it was to get up in front of people, she was going to accept every opportunity she could to sing.She started out in church and worked her way through bookstore concerts, to national anthems for games, and then eventually to theme parks. As she has continued to build her career, she's been honored to sing for Sir Elton John, Barry Manilow, Jessica Simpson, Mark McGrath (Sugar Ray), Vanessa Williams, Michael Bolton and Fernando Varela (America's Got Talent). In 2013, 3 months before her wedding, her fiance dumped her for another woman. In the midst of her despair and depression, and due to the urging of a fellow performer, she started "Experience Adele Tribute Show." After her first performance at a fundraiser, word got out that there was an Adele Impersonator in town. A few months later, she took her show to a convention for celebrity impersonators and walked home with 3 prestigious awards. For the past 4 years, she has traveled the US as the #1 Adele Sound-Alike, doing shows for audiences of all types.

Currently, she has started to write her own songs and working to produce some of those songs. she is expect to begin releasing them in 2018. She does make a living In this field, you never know when you are going to get a paycheck or how much it will be worth. She's lucky that between her solo performances and Adele Tribute Shows, she hasn't had to have any other type of full time job. People who inspired her when she was younger were, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera. She wasn't crazy about pop songs, but she was obsessed with how they knew their vocal instrument inside and out and were able to bring such beauty to a song by using it a certain way. She would mimic what she heard, and in a way, was self-taught. She's only had a few vocal lessons in her lifetime. Now she's inspired by David Phelps (Christian/Gospel artist) and of course, Adele. She inspires her because of who she is though, not just because she has a beautiful voice. Any celebrity that would purposely walk away from the pinnacle of her spotlight to be a mom is an inspiration to me. She's just a good person, inside and out and you can tell that by the way she carries herself.
Eventually, Andrea would love to be doing what Adele does, but as herself. she wants to move more out of the lime-light as "Adele" and pave her own way with her own music. She is currently working on it, probably going to take a few more years.



Revered by fans as the #1 Adele Sound-Alike to date!
2013 Sunburst Awards Winner
2014 Sunburst Awards Winner
2016 Reel Awards "Rising Star" & "Pop N' Rock" Nominee
2017 Reel Awards "Rising Star" Winner in Las Vegas