Mike Koshko Entrepreneur

Mike Koshko has been an entrepreneur, specifically social media marketing, since 17 with his first company ReviewArtists.com, connecting fans and musicians together. That's when his career first took off. Their website was creating 500,000 hits in the first 4 months without any paid advertising. After that he has been running a few different consulting companies, focusing on digital marketing for personal brands and businesses. They focus mostly on strategy, because without strategy and knowing what you want to accomplish, you won't be able to measure success in what you do. His  latest project is I Co Host a podcast, 12 Minute Marketer (12MinuteMarketer.com), short digestible segments on topics of digital marketing. You get an in-depth understanding of how they think and how they formulate solutions to drive desired results, whether big, small, simple or complicated. Also, working on ClickRenegade.com, their digital marketing agency where they help businesses and brands create strategies, deploy them and measure against goals to figure ROI (Return on Investment).  His future goals  would include working with a dozen private clients one-on-one, marketing agency of 30 people, successful podcast show, traveling for speaking gigs. He is looking forward to being busy.

Podcast https://medium.com/@mikekoshko