Heresy Studios, LLC Owner-Operator Joseph Duis

Joseph is an indie comic book writer, editor, letterer, and publisher. He writes mostly one-shot, mostly horror comics. He currently resides in Tennessee with his wife and three kids. He founded his company, Heresy Studios, LLC, so that he can explore the liminal spaces between fiction and nonfiction, history and culture, and ideals and actions.
Currently, he is working on having BLESS THE CHILDREN, his newest comic, illustrated.  They will have a Kickstarter in August-September and hopefully it will go out in October.  BLESS THE CHILDREN is a Western horror story about frontier isolation that will be in the art style of 1840s comics. He had written another script, CAT & MOUSE, which is a horror story about Japanese game shows, and he'll get that illustrated once he has the funds to do so.  He is also in the process of outlining THE CRUSADE OF DRACULA, a standalone sequel to his first comic THE ORDER OF DRACULA, which is on sale now at  It looks like it'll be a 3-issue miniseries, the first series of any kind he will do.
Some of the writers who inspire him are HP Lovecraft, Keith Giffen, JM DeMatteis, Rodolphe Toepffer, Joseph Conrad, Sarah Vowell, James Ellroy, and many more.  If you can do comedy and/or horror well, you probably inspire him.
At this time he is not making a profit from his comics, but he does have a day job in which he does technical nonfiction writing, but that's not the same thing. He has been writing nearly his entire life, but hadn't published anything until May 2017 (aside from his college humor magazine), when he published THE ORDER OF DRACULA, his first comic.  He spent a lot of time writing short stories, but never was able to get any published.  Some of these he is now adapting to comic book format, intermixed with those he wrote specifically for the medium.
His future goals include finishing up the sequence of Dracula stories started with THE ORDER OF DRACULA.  It includes two sequels and a prequel.  Beyond that he has a 27-issue series outlined that he'd like to be able to do one day, and a lot of other stories too.  Pretty much he just wants to publish any story that's in his brain, and he has gotten nearly four decades of stories in there that need to see the light of day.