Patricia Bryce

Patricia Bryce is a married mother with two children. In grade school she would write stories, and then as time passed she started to write Star Trek, Thunderbirds, and Labyrinth fan fiction under the pen name PaisleyRose. Currnetly, she is editing two fantasies and putting notes together for her NaNoMo project. Also, she was challeneged by editor Kimberly Richardson to submit an original work for an anthology that she was putting together. So, the story was The Soul of the Sky Queen and Dreams of Steam Gadgets was an anthology. At this time in her life she is not making a living from her writing, but that is not stopping her from pursuing her dreams as a successful author. A few of the writers who inspire her are Shakesphere, Tolstoy, Tolkien, C.S Lewis and Sydney Blackburn. As a writer her long terms goals are to either self publish or traditional press.

Here's the link to her Authors page. Which features her 8 books.