Mariela Endsley

One of my best friends is an inspiration to me. She is an amazing writer and just a good hearted person. I met her a few years ago at Carl D Perkins Job Corps which is a training vocational school where you learn a trade skill. I think the exact moment I become friends with her was when we both were in SGA (Student Government Association) and we went to camp where we became closer.

Few years later, I was out of work struggling and in need of help. When no one else was there she was there. I have never cried so hard because I have never ever had a friend help me the way she did that day. I was also the photographer in her beautiful wedding with an amazing man. I am so happy to have their friendship. She inspires me because she has a great heart. Recently, her and her husband moved away from Kentucky to Flordia can't say I don't miss them dearly, because I do indeed.

She also inspires me to love myself because I remember when I was badly raped I told her my entire story and she never once threw it in my face. That in my opinion is a true friend. Someone who is there for you when you are feeling down and there for support.