Debut Author R. Castro

R. Castro is the mother of two boys, a fur friend, and has a wonderful husband of twenty-two years. She’s been dealing with severe chronic illness for the past few years, which has caused her to go mostly blind in her left eye and a lingering threat of losing her eyesight altogether. Currently, she’s wrapping up editing for book one ‘Elemental Linx’ in her fantasy series ‘The Tetrad Prophecy.’ Also, she continues to work on a Christian-themed novella ‘Anika’s Way’ in the same suit as her holiday novella ‘A Shining Star’ that she released as a debut author this past December. Her Pen also has work in progress. Although she currently isn’t profitable as a writer and isn’t sure she’ll ever be, she believes it would great to reach that status, as she points out “…for so many authors I believe it’s that unspoken rite of passage to know you’ve made it in the industry.” Regarding inspiration, she says she doesn’t have a particular author who inspires her, but rather a collaboration of many works. For example, ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho spoke to her in a way she is unable to articulate into words. ‘The Good Earth’ by Pearl S. Buck she found profoundly compelling, and the works of her all-time favorites Jane Austen and Charles Dickens. These authors have inspired her throughout life. As a child, she started writing flash fiction, although she didn’t know this is what it was called at the time, moving on to poetry as a teen as she bashfully admits that she found herself the ever so romantic trapped in the fantasy world of books she’d read and the reality she lived. A couple of years ago when her health deteriorated, she figured it was time to sit down and officially write, thinking of a quote that became an anchoring motivator, “If not now, when?” Her future goals include three more novellas to those above, as she gives great credit to her eldest son who helps her when she is unable to form her thoughts in writing as she suffers through her health symptoms.


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