Coping after a break-up

I recently got out of a one year relationship. I loved, cared, and always would spend time with him and his family. I'm slowly coping by praying to God and talking to friends. One thing a person should never ever do is publicly rant about how bad the other is or bad mouth the person they are dating or use to date it is petty and childish. MOVE ON. I figured out ways to cope with a break-up and they are:

-Have Faith In God-
Talk to god, pray, and meditate. This has helped me a lot. I talk to god every time I start to miss my ex or think about him I put god in my head and focus on him and his good ways. God is there for you always and he know the hurt you are going through. Like someone told me "god doesn't put you through anything you can't handle."

-Get Involved-
I've recently joined another church which I really enjoyed and planned on becoming a member and being active in church groups. Also, Ive started going to the gym and going to bible studies. There's also an app called "meet up". Which is where you find things in common with other peoplein the community like bible study, art, theatre, workin out, winery and dining, or etc. I recommend filling those times you spent with an ex with something positive.

-Stop Contact-
First thing you should do is delete your ex from everything and also delete those closest to him/her jut until you've had time to cope. When you stay connected it is harder for you to move on with your life. Just because you stop contact for a while doesn't mean you can't be friends in the future.

These are things I've done to cope after my break-up. Even though I am still upset and missing my ex, god is getting me through this and I'm grateful to know god is looking out for me.