Changing My Life For The Better <3

In the past, before my rape, I was still depressed, but I coped with my depression by sleeping around. I felt like by finding men who I thought loved me and wanted to be with me to help me with my depression. I've had a terrible relationship past that I would just date anyone even guys who weren't attractive to me. I dated a guy who claimed he lived with his disabled sister, but he really lived with his wife and three children. Also, I've dated several guys who were homeless and just no goals or drive. 

Honestly, I think my choices in men from my past are based on the type of female I used to be which was sad, overly depressed, homeless, low self-esteem, and no faith in myself or God. Throughout the years I lost faith and became an atheist because I did not believe. I believed that people who went to church were vile and judgemental evil people, but I realize that anyone can be an evil heart. 

About a year ago 2016 I accepted my entire life. My journey with the Lord in my life has been an amazing experience, he has shown that my life is worth more than how I've been treating myself.