Author & Artist Elliot Brooks

Elliot Brooks is a married, self-employed author. She’s from Arizona and majored in music at ASU and also makes a living from teaching private violin and viola lessons. She starting writing when she was a kid, but she was afraid her family would think it was weird so she’d hide her notebooks. As she was growing up the stories followed her to college, where she started getting serious about them. Since then her parents and husband have been very supportive.

Currently, she’s working on a NaNo project, which she explains is a prequel to her fantasy series, The Dark Shores. Right now she’s working on editing book one of the series titled Pease and Turmoil, and writing book two titled Blood and Roses.  

She is inspired by an author named Judson Roberts who writes the historical fiction series The Strongbow Saga. He's had some issues with publishing companies, but he's never let that stand in the way of telling the stories he's wanted to tell. She thinks seeing someone overcome obstacles the way he has is incredibly inspiring and motivating to her, and the stories themselves are fantastic. If you're a fan of Vikings, you'll love his books. 

Her future goals are to self-publish her work and hoping to get book one of The Dark Shores out in the next year or two, as well as book 2 and the prequel novel she’s working on. She plans on having between five and seven books in her series.

She also would like to help and encourage other authors. She has a YouTube channel that centers mostly on writing, and plans on doing more book review videos for both traditionally published authors and self-published authors there. She has done some videos outlining how to make a book trailer, how to make a fantasy map, how to make an author website, and how to do it in an cost effective way. Within the next couple of years she plans on hosting some kind of writing convention to help authors promote their work and to connect with other writers. She wants to give back to the community and plans on partnering with some kind of organization that helps provide a better education for children and donating a percentage of her books' proceeds to their cause. That way, even if her books aren't for you, at least you can come away knowing your purchase helped make the world a better place.

To view her work check out her vidoes and stories