Freelance Artist

Justin Fowler is an artist who was born and lives in Louisville, Kentucky, but grew up in Southern Indiana. In his childhood he would dabble in art into his early teens, but this was primarily sketching and some light drawing lessons with his older brother and father. At the age of 15 he decided that he wanted to make art a career. Within a year, he began delving into 3d modeling and animation, and shortly after chose a college with a degree program that specialized in gaming art. He completed a Bachelor of Arts in Game Art in Animation in 2014 and has primarily focused on digital painting since graduating.

 Other than art he enjoys hiking, rock climbing, ultimate Frisbee, making podcast, coding, web development, reading, writing, and video games. Also, he enjoys playing guitar, bass, and violin.  He also develops mobile and web apps and games with a member of his graduating class at Bladed Cyber Technologies, LLC.

Currently, he is working on a landscape painting based on the Great Smoky Mountains. For the past few months he has been focusing more on landscape art and less on character art. The painting was inspired by his girlfriend, Summer and her time working around the Great Smoky Mountains.

About a year ago he started branching into freelance graphic design and later web development. Recently he started selling prints of his paintings. Both provide income for him, but his goals are to continue to expand and grow in these areas until he transformed his passion into something sustainable.

He is inspired by his cousin Stephen Daniele, who has been a professional artist for more than a decade. He has taught him how to improve his artwork for the past few years. Another significant influence has been Sayla Barnes, who has guided him in exploring career paths, developing his brand, and leveling up his designing skills.

His future goals are to become a professional artist in the gaming industry. For the time being, he would be happy being a full-time graphic designer or web developer to acquire professional experience, while working on his side projects. His paintings seem to be the most well received portion of his portfolio and he would like to continue building those skills and attend larger shows and conventions.


To keep up with his future projects check out his website!