Self Taught Jewelry Designer

Lisa Wilson is a self-taught jewelry designer. She has been making jewelry for a little over 2 years. In high school she would sketch various things such as shoes and purses and that’s when she knew she wanted to have her own accessory line. Currently she’s working on various different projects they are and African inspired ankle bangles, graphic button rings, and collar necklace. She designs all the material for her earrings. She makes a living on her custom designed jewelry by setting up shop at different event being a vendor.

Music and pictures inspires her the most, recently they have been the inspiration for her new projects. A picture of an African woman and no hair, metal rings around her ankles and neck which was so beautiful to her that she wanted to recreate it with her own personal style. She wants to continue making new items as much as she can. Her future goals are to design clothing one day.

To view her work check out her website