Elijah Minton Artist

Elijah Minton is a acrylic/oil painter from West Orange, NJ.  He has been sketching all his life, but began exploring with painting about 2 years ago. He spends a lot of time outside painting overnight because that is when he is mostly inspired by the moon. One of his goals is to buy a motorcycle with his art money because he sold his to fund his art business and he wants to head to the racetrack.

He has worked as a full time artist for the past 2 years and after struggling for the first year he is now getting consistent work. Business comes in waves though so sometimes it can get tight, but nothing bothers him because he enjoys painting every day. He has worked as an independent contractor at a country club to make ends meet from time to time because he enjoys being out in nature. He thinks this lifestyle is a perfect fit for his personality.

When he was younger he followed Graffiti writers and was amazed by what he saw. Alex Pardee is one of his favorite artists as far as style was concerned and found it inspiring that he began drawing in his thirties. An artist by the name of "Nobody" paid a visit to his art class in high school and shared his story of quitting his job to pursue art. He sold art on the streets of SoHo and made his way to MOMA within a year. He has been keeping track of him while attending college studying finance and he definitely influenced him to quit his job with the same intentions.

Currently, he is working on multiple projects like painting on commission and by request. He plans on taking a break to work on a series this winter. His says his recent introduction to oil painting should make a huge difference. He just moved down to Florida to pursue art and he says there seems to be so much opportunity here. He has sold some work at a show in Miami his first week here and is feeling very confident about his decisions.

In the future with his art in the short term is to create a meaningful series that can express his perspective on the reality we live in and how it functions. He would also like to push himself to merge abstract because he is planning to begin submitting his work to juried art shows in Florida so that he can break into a different segment of the market. Also, he plans on using his art for charity work in the long term. He enjoys the feeling he gets from helping others so he is content with using his work however he can to benefit the greater good for all. Money doesn't mean anything to him when it comes to his artwork.

Check out his artwork on his website www.theartalchemist.com