Tori Wright

My little cousin Tori inspires me each and every day. Others ask how can someone younger than you inspire you. In my opinion just because someone is younger than you doesn't mean they can't be an inspiration to someone older. She inspires me to keep moving forward no matter what tries to stop you, she has faith in God to keep her moving and that helped me in my faith with God to become stronger.

She recently graduated high school and was accepted into Georgetown College to study Business and Sports Psychology. I am very proud that my cousin is following her dreams of one day owning her own sports complex and being a coach. One of her hobbies is listening to music. People who inspire her are her Mother, father, and Olympic all-around champion Ms. Gabby Douglas (whom she has met). At the age of 3 years old she started gymnastics and continued until her senior year of high school as a level 9 gymnast. Also, she was in track on and off since she was about 7 years old. This year as a college student she has added Acro and Tumbling.