Kayleigh’s Love Story/ Dangers of Online Communication

Kayleigh’s Love Story

Hello readers, I wanted to talk about a 15-year-old girl I recently read about online. She was an innocent sweet young lady who like all teens joins Facebook for friends and connections. From what I saw she was groomed by an older man who randomly added her on Facebook and persuaded her to meet with him. They ended up having sexual intercourse and then he called his neighbor over who wouldn’t let her leave and chased her into the woods where he raped and murdered her.

I just wanted to make it aware that you must be careful adding random people online at any age. I have added people online and have been swamped by message from men who are between the ages of 18 to mid-60s. Also, I get swamped with penis pictures on a daily. Ladies, you do not have to accept it because it is disrespectful, as soon as you receive a picture that is inappropriate I would suggest blocking them right away. Do not give people like that a chance to disrespect to.

Older men on Facebook approach me on a daily and I find it very gross how they are so nasty. They make comments like you’re a beautiful young lady I would love to see you naked in my bed. Um no stop that right now. I also noticed that a lot of those old gross men who approach younger women and teenager have some sort of mental issues, because it is something I the way they speak to you and how they don’t realize that they are old as dirt and don’t need to be talking to younger women like that. I mean how would they feel if someone their age was going that to their daughters or granddaughters?

The fact that the justice system has once again failed another family by only giving the gross fart Luke Harlow that groomed her 12 years in prison, who is also a pedophile, only 12 years. The rapist and murder was given a life sentence and will serve a minimum of 35 year. How is that justice? He RAPED AND MURDERED a child.!