Sam Cooney Local Artist

Local artist Sam Cooney who has been painting and drawing since he was six years old, but didn’t take it seriously until after high school around 2008. He is red and green colorblind, but that didn’t stop him from following his dreams. Throughout the years he learned to work with color and developed sensitivity to his palate where he is able to learn what colors work with other colors to create believable paintings. In his artwork he uses color, but he emphasizes value, texture, and composition to bring visual strength to his paintings.

Some of the artists Sam admires and learned from are John Singer, Malcolm, Kent Williams, and Alice Neil. John Singer Sargent who has created roughly 900 oil paintings, more than 2,000 watercolors, and countless sketches and charcoal drawings. Malcolm T Liepke is a well-known visual artist in New York City . Kent Williams is known for his graphic novel art. Last, is Alice Neil, who has a painting in the speed museum which he loves to stand before and admire. Instead of just looking at a computer screen. He also admires  the linear equality in her work as well as her loose paint handling inspires and informs his paint handling. Like most artist using portraiture is a great way to retouch your artwork.

Recently Sam has been working on commission for a man’s apartment. About 40% of his income comes from his art. In the future he would like to get his Masters of fine arts because he already has his bachelors of the fine arts from University of Louisville. He would like to teach college live studio art. Also, he has painted a few murals and really enjoys that type of art, but wants to continue creating bodies of work and showing galleries as well.

Also, view his work on his website.