Jessikay Henna Artist

Jessica aka Jessikay is a talented 25 year old  local henna artist in Louisville, Kentucky. Originally from Philly.  She has been doing henna for about 2 1/2 years in Louisville because she loves the art scene here. She is the 3rd oldest of 8 kids on her mother’s side and 4th oldest of 12 counting step siblings from both remarriages. Her favorite foods are Chips & Guacamole, corn, and asparagus with Diet Dr. Pepper. When she works on her art she mostly listens to soundscape music without lyrics because the lyrics distract her.

She sets up at festivals and  individual appointments with clients throughout the week. Also, works on commissioned paintings on her free time. Mostly pencil portraits or acrylic painting on old vinyl records. Jessikay dreams to tour the world and do henna.

She lives everyday for her passion to create art. Also, enjoys teaching children techniques when drawing or coloring. Every season she would cover her arms in different seasonal things. For hours she practices new designs and her clients are very happy.

Damon Thompson is her favorite local artist she likes to support other artist like herself. Catherine Lent is her favorite henna artist in New Jersey that she has followed since she began henna. Also, Darcy Vasudev is a henna idol of hers.

Professionally JessiKay would love to do henna all year around and educating more people on the safety and dangers of buying henna supplies from the store and making yours from your home without chemicals. She’s hoping while on her Henna tour she learns all she can about henna and then put a henna course together and teach others.


Also, check out her henna art on her website.