B.N. Writer

Welcome readers! I am a blogger and photographer B. N. Wright who has been writing since 2002, when I was a freshman in high school. I blog about things that help others and sometimes inform people of things they don’t know much about for example history, narcolepsy, anxiety, and depression.

My photography mostly consists of nature because I enjoy it. It’s more of a hobby.

I’ve recently become a travel writer, which is where I travel to tourist locations and write a review of my experience while there. This is my dream career field.

I write articles that are about people who have talents in all different areas or people who inspire me and want to inspire others. I blog about things I notice in the world like suicide, god, rape, and bullying because as someone who has experience in those areas I feel I could help others. Also, I’ve been starting these 30 day challenges like 30 day photo and quote, 30 days of reasons why you love yourself, or 30 day bucket list. I’ve been adding other pages on my website such as movie, music, and TV show reviews also,  added a store on my website.

Recently, I’ve been working on two books, “A Girl like Me” and “Two wrongs don’t make on right.” One is a memoir and the other is just a book about revenge. I look forward to finishing my Memoir and sharing it with the world.